Design Oriented
Full Stack Developer

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Dominique, a junior full stack developer who loves to craft experiences that delight users. I work in HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript, organized with frameworks like Angular and WordPress, to implement technically complex designs.

It's a fun gig, but there's still a lot to learn.

You can follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn, contact me through Gmail, or, if you really want to be friends, you can view this nifty resume and hire me.

What I know

JavaScript Angular HTML5 CSS3 Sass Bootstrap Node MongoDB WordPress Jquery Git

What I've Built


Winner: Best Design Server Project, DevMountain

Live music discovery app with built-in music previews developed during my time at DevMountain. Built with Angular, Node, MongoDB, Express, HTML5 and Sass. Integrated with two third party REST APIs & Mapbox. Won “Best-Design” for personal project during DevMountain cohort.

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Winner: Best Technical No-Server Project, DevMountain

Outdoor activity discovery app developed during my time at DevMountain. Built using Angular, HTML5 & Sass. Integrated with a third party REST API and Mapbox. Won “Best Technical” “No-Server” project for DevMountain cohort.

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One page custom WordPress theme developed to spec from photoshop mockup. Built using Advanced Custom Fields, HTML5, Sass, PHP, Bourbon, Neat and JQuery.

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Daily Liturgy

Chrome extension creating new tab that opens up the Daily Office Bible reading plan for the current date while also displaying a litrugical calendar. Built using Angular, HTML5, CSS3, D3. Integrated with Chrome Platform API and a third-party Bible API.

Old Portfolio

My old portfolio back when I was but a wee budding developer. Oh how I've grown! Built using Jekyll, HTML5, and Sass.

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